The Tax Section encourages students in J.D., LL.M in Taxation, and S.J.D. in Taxation programs to become involved in the Tax Section. The Tax Section has much to offer to students through mentoring and networking and students have much to offer to the Tax Section by introducing fresh ideas and continuing the tradition of constantly improving the challenging and interesting practice of tax law in Florida. Please take advantage of the Tax Section’s website and publications to familiarize yourself with the Tax Section and stay on the cutting edge regarding the practice of international, federal, and Florida state tax law.

Tax Section Bulletin

The Tax Section Bulletin is published 3 times a year and includes a column in each issue dedicated to the tax student. If you would like to be sent an electronic copy of the Bulletin when it is published, please let us know by sending your request and e-mail address to the Tax Section through the LLM Hotline below.

LLM Hotline

How is the job market in Naples? What does a small tax boutique look for in a job candidate? What is the one class you would recommend a student take if he or she wants to practice in a big law firm business practice? If you have questions like these, but aren’t sure who to ask, let us help you!! The Tax Section invites you to interact with a wide network of Tax Section members by e-mailing your questions to the LL.M. Hotline. Your e-mail will be sent to one of our LL.M. Liaisons who will forward it to an appropriate person to address your question directly. No question is a stupid question and your e-mails will not be seen by other students.

LLM Liaisons
Cristin A. Conley
Michael Minton

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